101 Pet Products was born when we adopted two rescue doggies: Pippa and Ruby. They just came to “visit” us during lockdown, and ended in an epic foster fail, as we refused to send them back to the kennels! As adopted doggies, the two girls had special needs. They were scared of EVERYTHING! That’s when we started exploring calming collars (pheromone collars)… Collars in South Africa were SO expensive, that we started importing collars in bulk. In addition, the girls needed enrichment. They needed to learn how to PLAY… That’s when we expanded our range to include pet toys, pet enrichment, pet puzzles… And of course, pets need treats and medicine too… therefore we also supply yummy goodies and health products. We focus on calming collars, tick and flea collars, pet clothes, pet enrichment, pet toys, pet grooming products, pet health products, pet beds, pet crates, pet treats and much more! If we don’t have it on site, chances are pretty good that we can find it, so don’t hesitate to contact us! 

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