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About us

101 Pet Products was born when we adopted two rescue doggies: Pippa and Ruby.

They just came to “visit” us during lockdown, and ended in an epic foster fail, as we refused to send them back to the kennels! As adopted doggies, the two girls had special needs. They were scared of EVERYTHING! That’s when we started exploring calming collars (pheromone collars)… Collars in South Africa were SO expensive, that we started importing collars in bulk. In addition, the girls needed enrichment. They needed to learn how to PLAY… That’s when we expanded our range to include pet toys, pet enrichment, pet puzzles… And of course, pets need treats and medicine too… therefore we also supply yummy goodies and health products.

Before Ruby and Pippa, we had Jewely the Bullterrier, who enriched our lives for almost 14 years, before she passed away of lung cancer, as well as Bella and Maximus, two Dachshunds with hearts and personalities as big as lions, who passed away at respectively 10 and 12 years, Bella of kidney failure and grandpa Max of old age.

So yes, we LOVE animals! We try to book pet-friendly holidays as far as possible, so that our fur-kids can go with us. And of course… they sleep in the bed (at home, not on holiday – teeheehee)!

Our shop is based in Pretoria, but we only sell online. We ship throughout South Africa with The Courier Guy. Please contact us if you need any assistance! Happy shopping!



Our team is passionate about making your shopping experience as engaging and as enjoyable as possible.

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We are here to stay !

We are dedicated to giving you the lowest prices and the best deals in the industry with the intention of creating trusting and satisfying relationships with our customers.

It is our promise to you that we will deliver a PERSONAL experience that you won’t forget.



Our promise:

  • A seamless and easy user experience
  • COUNTRYWIDE Delivery
  • All orders can be cancelled until the point of SHIPPING
  • Request exchange or refund based on merit
  • FREE shipping ON ALL orders above R500
  • Competitive prices and best deals


The Team

Our MASSIVE team consists of TWO personnel – Tania and Danie –  waiting to answer any queries you have about us, our site, our products, or any part of the ordering process. Our mission is to give you the best possible buying experience. We’re here to help! As owners, we are also your customer liaison officers, your advice-givers, your packers, and your fellow animal lovers! 101 Pet Products is managed as a PASSION (we still have our normal 9-5 jobs), so if we don’t reply immediately, please Uber us a coffee voucher and give us another 5 minutes… we will not let you down!