Product Focus: 4 in one lick mat / slow feeder combo

Say hello to the ultimate pet pal pleaser: the 4-in-1 Lick Mat Slow Feeder Combo from 101 Pet Products! It’s like a cool puzzle that’s all about keeping your furry buddy happy, healthy, and entertained.

This combo pack is all about variety. You get two squishy silicone lick mats and two nifty slow-feeding trays – all with different shapes and feels. And get this: they’re like building blocks! You can snap ’em together in a row, make a square, or use each one separately. It’s your pet’s choice, really!

Crafted from tough stuff that’s a breeze to clean, these trays are ready for action. The silicone lick mats? They’re like a fun licking party for your pet, tapping into their natural instincts. And those slow feeders? They’re the chill pill for mealtime, helping your furry friend eat at a healthier pace.

But wait, there’s more! These bad boys aren’t just for chow time. Spread some pet-friendly peanut butter or cream cheese on the lick mats, and you’ve got hours of licking bliss for your pet. Stick ’em on the fridge, the floor, or even use ’em during bath time – those suction cups keep ’em in place for some serious fun!

Sized at a handy 15cm x 15cm with a 2cm height, there’s plenty of space for your pet to explore and chow down. The two squishy silicone lick mats come in a cool blue, while the slow feeders rock a cute pink and a vibrant green, all made to last.

This 4-in-1 combo isn’t just a treat for your pet – it’s a ticket to a happier, healthier buddy. It’s like a fun game that also encourages better eating habits. Treat your furry friend to the best mental workout and healthy munching experience they’ve ever had.

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