4 Piece Lick Mat Slow Feeder Combo


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Product Info:

To help prevent overeating and associated health problems (and to provide hours of mental stimulation and spoil your paw-friend!), this 4-in-1 lick mat slow feeder combo includes 4 trays with different shapes and textures.

There are 2 silicone lick mats and 2 shallow slow-feeding trays in each combo. They can all connect together so you can make a row or a square, or you can use them as 4 different feeders. Made from durable, easy-to-clean materials. The pet lick mat is great for stimulating your pet’s natural licking instinct, while the slow feeder helps them to eat at a healthy pace.

Use the slow feeders to feed them their kibble or healthy veggies, and use the lick mats to provide hours of licking enjoyment – simply spread with peanut butter (the kind that is safe for doggies!) or cream cheese. The lick mats have suction cups at the back, so you can also use them during bath time (to keep those snouts occupied!) or to stick it on your refrigerator or tile floor for a yummy stimulating treat!

Your pet will love the different shapes and textures of the trays, and you’ll love knowing that they’re getting the mental stimulation they need.

Each block is 15cm x 15cm, and 2cm high.

The two lick mats are blue and made of soft silicone, while 1 slow feeder is pink and 1 slow feeder is green, made of plastic.