Bio-Flora Powder


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Product Info:

BIO-FLORA POWDER – Enhance your pet’s digestive and immune system today!

Achieving the right balance of bacteria in your pet’s gut is essential for maximising the nutritional benefits of their diet and reducing the risk of gastric illnesses.

Probiotics are known to promote better digestion and are recognised for their potential to boost immune function. Including probiotics in your pet’s diet can be particularly beneficial if your pet:

  • Is currently undergoing or has recently completed a course of antibiotics.
  • Has recently experienced any form of stress.

Advantages of BIO-FLORA:

  • Premium blend of imported probiotic strains (8 strains).
  • High concentration of viable colony forming units.
  • Highly palatable powder that can be easily mixed with food or administered alone.
  • Convenient once-daily dosage.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Includes a dosage measure for precise administration.
  • Rapidly restores and maintains the natural balance of intestinal flora.

Give your pet the digestive and immune support they deserve with BIO-FLORA POWDER!


  • 60g
  • 250g