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Product Info:

Bravecto is a treatment and prevention for tick and flea infestations in dogs that will last for 12 weeks.

Ticks and fleas are terrible little critters. They love the soft, warm fur of your dog as it also provides a perfect environment for them. These little critters feed on your dog’s blood and can cause health problems from allergic reactions to severe tick-borne diseases.

What does Bravecto look like?

Bravecto is a soft, chewable brown tablet; it looks a lot like a Rolo chocolate. Your dog will love it — a treat to treat tick and flea infestations.

How does Bravecto Work?

As soon as Bravecto is given to your dog, it reaches the tissue fluids under your dog’s skin, and as soon as the tick or flea attaches itself to the skin and start feeding, they will make contact with bodily fluids and ingest fluralaner, the active ingredient in Bravecto.

As the pest bites the fluralaner, it paralyses them and then kills them soon afterwards. Bravecto will kill 90% of adult and juvenile ticks and 95% of adult and newly emerging fleas within 8 hours and keeps killing for 12 weeks. Fleas are killed before new eggs are produced.  The flea life cycle is broken due to the fast onset action and long-lasting efficacy against adult fleas on the animal and the absence of viable egg production. Bravecto also controls environmental flea populations in the area where your dog has access. Surely this is a good enough reason to buy this product.

How palatable is Bravecto?

Tasty, very tasty. 93% of dogs ate the tablet voluntarily, either by itself or with food.

When is the best time to give my dog their Bravecto?

You can give them Bravecto as a morning, afternoon or evening treat, whenever it suits you.

Which ingredients are used in Bravecto?

Fluralaner, which is an acaricide and insecticide.

From what age can my dog take Bravecto?

Bravecto is safe for puppies from 8 weeks of age and dogs weighing 2 kg up.

How long must my dog wait before he can swim or be bathed?

Bravecto works from the inside out. So there is a need to wait for the chew to dry and for the skin to absorb before getting wet. Your furbaby can swim immediately after taking the tablet.

Who can I give Bravecto to?

It can be given to breeding dogs, pregnant dogs, lactating dogs and dogs with the MDR 1 gene mutation (e.g. Border Collies). Always check with your Vet first.

What makes Bravecto different from other tick and flea products?

Bravecto Tick and Flea kills ticks and fleas from 8 hours of taking to a full 12 weeks. Unlike some tick and flea products, Bravecto is well tolerated in MDR1 dogs (Collie like dogs) following oral administration.

What is the best way to store your Bravecto?

Always keep the chew in its original packaging until use. Store at or below 30 degrees Celsius in a cool, dry place.


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