Calmeze plus Tabs Dogs + Cats 30’s


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CalmEze Plus aids your high strung or anxious doggo with highly palatable beef flavoured nutritional tablets with vitamins and amino acids to promote relaxation. It is also ideal for relieving anxiety as a result of weaning, separation, transport to a new environment, kennelling, hospitalisation or fear of travel, and even fear of bad weather.

Anxiety is not only common in humans; your pet precious can also suffer from anxiety. Animals that suffer from anxiety may show signs of biting, barking and chewing on everything in sight. Anxiety can manifest itself in several tell-tale ways, from whining and barking to shivering and whimpering. Your dog may also become destructive or hostile when anxious. If your pet baby?s anxiety is not addressed, he might over time lose his appetite and become completely withdrawn.

The good news is that anxiety in pets can be treated and effectively managed.

CalmEze Plus can be mixed into your dog?s food or given directly by mouth. CalmEze has a highly palatable beef flavoured formulation in a handy blister pack ideal for travelling. Give your pet the desired dose one or two hours before an anxious event.

The following guidelines can be used to determine dosage:

0 – 5 kg: 0.5 Tablet
6 – 10 kg: 1 Tablet
11 – 20 kg: 1.5 Tablets
21 – 30 kg: 2 Tablets
31+ kg: 2.5 Tablets
CalmEze Plus can also be used for the long term management of anxiety in your pet. Administer half the normal dose as required. The dosage can be reduced once improvement is noticed and can be repeated with any repeated behaviour.


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