Gerivet Dog & Cat Ageing Supplement 250g


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Product Info:

Gerivet is a specialized powdered nutritional supplement designed for mature, senior, and geriatric cats and dogs. It is formulated with a combination of procaine and vitamins to address the specific needs of animals experiencing the effects of aging. By incorporating essential factors and micronutrients, Gerivet enhances overall well-being, revitalizes mental alertness, and assists in alleviating age-related stiffness. This supplement serves as a valuable support system to help pets navigate the challenges associated with the aging process, promoting improved overall health. It is advisable to consult your veterinarian if you have any concerns or uncertainties regarding your pet’s condition before administering Gerivet.


  • For animals experiencing symptoms of old age.
  • Compliments any senior pet food, supplying extra nutrients and vitamins.
  • As a ‘pick-me-up’ for pets of any age (can be given to younger dogs or cats).
  • Each vitamin and mineral plays an important part in the maintenance of good health and well being.


  • 1 x 250g Tub