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Interactive Cat Toy – Tumbler Makes Birdy Sounds and Twirls Around


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Product Info:

This swinging singing bird tumbler will keep your cat entertained for hours!

The cage is designed with a self-balancing bottom, which means that it will rock and swing, but won’t fall over easily.

Each time your cat touches the cage, the birdie will chirp! An added bonus is the twirling windmill at the top of the cage, providing your cat more opportunities to play.

Since this toy can be quite addictive, please monitor your cat’s playing sessions and restrict to 20 or 30 minutes in the beginning.

Made with durable material.

To operate the first time, rotate the upper cover of the speaker (the round part on the bottom of the cage next to the birdie), remove the speaker and pull out the insulating paper, replace the speaker, and cover with the speaker cover by turning the cover counter-clockwise. The battery is easy to replace when required.