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Kitty Spinning Food Dispenser Ball – Interactive Cat Toy (Pink)


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Product Info:

Introducing the Kitty Spinning Food Dispenser Ball, a must-have for all cat owners who want to keep their feline friends entertained and active! This unique toy is designed to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts, providing hours of fun and exercise.

Made with high-quality materials, this toy is durable and built to withstand even the most energetic of cats.

Open the ball’s lid and fill with your cat’s food or favourite nibbles. At the bottom of the ball there are two holes – you can adjust the dial to either open one or both, depending on how long you want kitty to work for his/her food. Then give it to kitty to play with! The two balls on the side will spin around, while the top ball will add bounce and movement, capturing the cat’s attention and encouraging further play. Kitty’s food and treats will be dispensed at the holes.

Not only is this toy great for playtime, but it also serves as a training tool for your cat. By encouraging your cat to chase and catch the balls, you can help improve their coordination, agility, and overall physical fitness. Plus, playing with this toy can also help reduce your cat’s stress and anxiety, providing a calming and enjoyable activity for your furry friend.

Easy to use, the Kitty Spinning Food Dispenser Ball is the perfect addition to any cat owner’s home. Whether you have a kitten or an older cat, this toy is sure to provide hours of entertainment and help keep your cat healthy and happy. Order yours today and see the joy it brings to your furry friend!