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Do you want a fun-filled activity to break boredom and spark your dog’s interest? Well, the Nina Ottosson Dog Worker is the answer you need. This spin, swivel and scoot puzzle is specifically designed to keep your dog mentally entertained while discovering hid away kibble and treats. Yes, and of course it is meant for your dog too as the Nina Ottosson Dog Worker is meant for all dogs regardless their size, age or breed. Scoot, swivel and discover those bonding times with your forever friend.

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Product Info:

The Nina Ottosson Dog Worker toy will stimulate your dog’s brain while fighting boredom and providing lots of fun. The Nina Ottosson Dog Worker is made to last and will provide you with a pleasant break in routine and many fun hours filled with hide-and-seek while enhancing brain activity and bonding times. Simply turn the top to open and close the tracks, scoot the blocks to unlock the flippers and let him swivel the flippers to retrieve the kibble and treats.

Nina Ottosson is the designer and developer of dog activity games since 1990. She is renowned for creating interactive, durable toys that have improved the lives of pets and pet parents all over the world. Choosing this quirky puzzle toy will lead to fun, bonding and slowed down eating times for those greedy eaters.


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