Nina Ottosson Multi Puzzle (level 4 puzzle)


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The Nina Ottosson Multi Puzzle is a treat-dispensing puzzle toy for dogs that combines several different types of puzzles in one. It is designed to challenge dogs and keep them mentally and physically stimulated.

The Multi Puzzle features a number of different compartments and sliding elements that can be moved around to reveal hidden treat compartments. Dogs have to use their problem-solving skills to figure out how to move the compartments in the right order to access the treats.

The Multi Puzzle can be adjusted to different levels of difficulty by adjusting the number of obstacles and hidden compartments that the dog has to navigate

The Multi Puzzle is made of durable plastic and can be used with a variety of different types of treats, such as kibble, dog-safe fruits and vegetables, and even homemade treats. It also can slow down eating and reduce the risk of bloat. It is a great way to keep dogs engaged and stimulated while they eat and can also be a good way to mentally exercise your dog if you are not able to provide a lot of physical exercise.

If you’re interested in providing mentally stimulating activities for your dog, this puzzle toy is a great option to consider!

This puzzle is advanced, so it´s best suited for dogs who have played other games before, and have fine motor skills, regardless of age, size or breed.


  • HOW TO PLAY: Place your dog’s favorite treats or food under the sliders in the outer tray, and in the center treat compartments, hide the treats with the sliding covers. Place the game on the floor, supervise, show and encourage your dog to move sliders back and forth, and rotate center wheel to seek treats. If your dog is too rough with the paws, place the game in your lap or on a stool, so that your dog can only use his nose to find treats. Let the games begin!
  • PLAYING RULES: Because it is a challenging game, we recommend that you play together, and teach your dog the rules of the game and how it works
  • FROZEN PUZZLE: Mix a little canned meat with water, pour some of the mixture in the tray´s compartments, or place a small piece of sausage or a tasty treat in each compartment, pour a little water, put the game in the freezer and let it set. This is perfect for dogs who need some extra activity.
  • REDUCES DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS: By keeping your dog’s mind busy, treat puzzle toys can help reduce unwanted behaviors
  • PLAY AND BOND: The MultiPuzzle is a great way to bond with your dog while teaching basic training commands in a fun way.
  • MAKES FEEDING FUN: This treat puzzle can also be used to feed your dog healthy treats or dry kibble – solving the food puzzle creates an engaging, slowed-down mealtime.
  • BPA, PVC & PHTHALATE FREE: Made with food-safe materials that you can trust for your dog.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: To wash, simply remove all treats/kibble and hand wash with warm soapy water, rinse clean, and dry. Fill again for more fun!
  • IT`S FUN. IT FEEDS. It’s a challenge your dog needs! Nina Ottosson Treat Puzzle Games fight boredom, help reduce destructive behaviors & exercise your dog’s mind. It’s hide & seek with treats, and dogs love it.
  • CAUTION: This is not a chew toy. Inspect regularly for damage and remove and replace if broken, or if parts become separated, as serious injury may result. ALWAYS supervise your dog when using the MultiPuzzle. Once emptied of treats or kibble, the game should be stored until next supervised use. Intended for pets only. Keep out of reach of children.

    Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Games
    • Fights boredom by keeping your dog busy
    • Helps reduce destructive behavior by exercising your dog´s mind,
    • Strengthen the bond with your dog.
    • Fun for all dogs – regardless of age & size.
    Size: 37,7 x 37,7 x 4,7 cm / 14,84 x 14,84 x 1,85 in


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