Nina Ottosson Smart-Orange (level 1 puzzle)


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Hid ’N Treat! Challenge your dog to this fun and stimulating game that encourages creative thinking through playfully uncovering their favourite treats under the hidden cover.

These toys are designed to stimulate a dog’s mind and provide mental and physical exercise, helping to prevent boredom and destructive behavior. The Smart-Orange toy is a puzzle-type game that challenges a dog to find treats or kibble hidden within the toy. It is made of a durable, food-safe material. It is intended to be used under the supervision of an owner and is not a replacement for regular exercise and attention.

This is a level 1 (Easy) educational toy that is perfect for pets to gain interest and prepare for puzzles to come.Add an exciting new twist to meal times with this Nina Ottosson Dog Smart composite game that will help your new puppy focus long enough to enjoy and finish their food.

Designed to hold both dry and wet kibble, the composite toy is an exciting accessory to incorporate into meal times, especially for those pups who enjoy playtime more than mealtime.

The game is specially designed to help your pup develop their grip and strengthen their memory through challenging and repetitive play.

The removable puzzle parts make this product easy to clean and refill with your puppy’s favourite snacks; and the durable material guarantees them an amusement they can enjoy well into their adult years.


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