Pawise Deep Cleaning Wipes – 70 Wipes


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Hygienic, wet cleaning wipes used for cleaning of feathers as well as deodorizing properties for cats and dogs.

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Product Info:

✨ Elevate your pet’s grooming routine with Pawise Deep Cleaning Wipes – because a fresh and clean fur coat is always in style! 🚿

These hygienic wonders are more than just wipes; they’re a spa day for your furry friends. Perfect for both cats and dogs and even feathers, the Pawise Deep Cleaning Wipes boast a wet and gentle cleaning formula, leaving feathers fluffed and fur fabulous.

Let the specs do the talking:

🚫 Alcohol-free formula: Gentle on your pet’s sensitive skin, these wipes skip the harsh stuff, ensuring a clean and hygienic experience without any unwanted irritation.

πŸ‘ Soft touch, natural scent: Not just a wipe – it’s a pampering session. The soft structure protects your hands while the natural scent works its magic, bidding farewell to stubborn odors.

🌟 Dirt and odor neutralization: These wipes mean business. They tackle all kinds of dirt, accumulated secretions, and pesky odors, leaving your pet smelling fresh and feeling fabulous.

πŸ“… Daily use approved: Because your pet deserves a daily dose of freshness, these wipes are suitable for regular use, keeping your pet’s hygiene game strong.

πŸŽ€ Adhesive protection tape: Easy-peasy cleaning! The adhesive protection tape ensures each wipe is effortlessly dispensed, making grooming time a breeze.

So, why settle for ordinary wipes when you can treat your pet to the luxury of Pawise Deep Cleaning Wipes? Get ready for a grooming experience that goes beyond clean – it’s a spa day for your beloved furball! 🐾🚿


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