Pawise Round Scratch & Play Cardboard Cat Scratcher


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Product Info:

🐾 Unleash your feline friend’s inner scratching maestro with our Cardboard Cat Scratcher – complete with 2 balls and some catnip! 🌈

Say goodbye to shredded couches and hello to the ultimate cat-approved kingdom. This scratcher isn’t just a scratching haven; it’s a territory declaration ceremony for your sophisticated furball.

Crafted with love and cardboard (because Mother Earth deserves a high-five too), our scratcher is the eco-friendly answer to your cat’s territorial needs. It’s like giving your cat a VIP pass to the cardboard kingdom, minus the mess of a flattened box apocalypse.

But wait, there’s more! πŸš€

πŸŒ€ The unique rounded shape ensures your cat enjoys a full 360-degree scratching experience. It’s like a kitty spa day, but for their claws.

πŸ›‘οΈ The solid outer shell and base mean this scratcher can handle even the most enthusiastic scratching sessions. It’s built to withstand a cat-tastrophe of epic proportions!

Dimensions? A purr-fect 45cm x 21cm of scratching paradise.

So, why let your couch bear the brunt of your cat’s territorial ambitions when you can gift them the Cardboard Cat Scratcher? Your cat will thank you with a symphony of happy purrs and your furniture will finally catch a break. Get ready for a scratch-tastic revolution! πŸŽ‰