Pawise Vinyl Sprinkle Cupcake


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Indulge your pup in playtime with the Pawise Vinyl Sprinkle Cupcake, a delightful squeaky toy.

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Product Info:

🧁 Indulge your pup’s sweet tooth (figuratively speaking!) with the Pawise Vinyl Sprinkle Cupcake – the perfect treat that’s both squeakably delightful and calorie-free! 🐾🍰

Measuring a dainty 8cm, this cupcake isn’t just a toy; it’s a sprinkle-infused sensation crafted from durable vinyl. The vibrant sprinkles add a pop of color and excitement, making it a feast for both the eyes and the senses.

Why your dog will savor the Pawise Vinyl Sprinkle Cupcake:

πŸ”Š Squeakable delight: The built-in squeaker turns playtime into a symphony of joy, capturing your dog’s attention and making this cupcake an instant favorite.

🎨 Sprinkle magic: The colorful sprinkles on top add a touch of whimsy, making this cupcake not just a toy but a visual treat for your furry friend.

πŸ’ͺ Durable vinyl: Crafted from tough vinyl, this cupcake can withstand your dog’s enthusiastic play, ensuring it lasts through countless play sessions.

πŸŽ‰ Compact and fun: Measuring at 8cm, it’s the perfect size for a game of fetch, a round of tug-of-war, or just a squeaky good time.

Treat your dog to a delightful playtime experience with the Pawise Vinyl Sprinkle Cupcake – because every pup deserves a sprinkle of joy in their day! 🧁🐢


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