Pet Tabs Forte 60’s (for cats and dogs)


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Pet Tabs Forte® Advanced is a comprehensive nutritional supplement containing a complete spectrum of vitamins, minerals and protein to keep animals in peak condition. Now fortified with Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid, the bone shaped tablets contain real liver and cheese and are readily accepted by most dogs and cats.

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Product Info:

Say hello to Pet Tab Forte 60’s – the ultimate multivitamin fiesta for your feline and canine companions! 🐾 These tasty nuggets are the purr-fect blend of essential nutrients, giving your four-legged friends the red carpet treatment they’ve been dreaming of.

Watch out, world! This supplement is the secret sauce for a cat’s glossy fur, a dog’s luscious coat, a feline’s ninja-like immune system, and a canine’s boundless enthusiasm for fetch. It’s like a magic potion for both your furry pals, turning them into the superheroes of the animal kingdom!

Great for the choosy kitty with discerning taste buds, the pup who’s a bit finicky, the post-surgery champs, or those with a taste for gourmet nibbles. Whether your furballs are recovering from a daring escapade to the vet or just want a little extra flair in their daily dining, Pet Tab Forte 60’s is here to make tails twitch and whiskers quiver.

But, hey, before you embark on this culinary journey with your pets, give your trusty veterinarian a ring. They’re like the pet whisperers who can guide you through the supplement smorgasbord, ensuring your cat and dog get the best of the best. After all, just like us, our fur babies deserve the royal treatment when it comes to their health and happiness! 🐾✨

Each tablet contains:

Protein 190mg, Folic acid 25mcg, Vitamin A 500iu, Calcium 65mg, Vitamin D3 50iu, Phosphorus 50mg, Vitamin E 15iu, Iron 2mg, Vitamin K3 8mcg, Copper 50mcg, Vitamin Bl 2mg, Manganese 70mcg, Vitamin B2 2mg, Fluoride 50mcg, Vitamin B6 250mcg, Zinc 5mg, Vitamin B12 125mcg, Selenium 10mcg, Nicotinamide 1,5mg, Magnesium 200mcg, Calcium Pantothenate  lmg, Cobalt 10mcg, Biotin 150mcg, Folic Acid 250mcg

Calcium : Phosphorous ratio 1,3:1


Give daily as directed by your veterinarian to promote general good health. Pet Tabs Forte® Advanced can be given whole or crumbled over food (tablets are especially formulated to crumble easily). Adult dogs: depends on size, 1-3 tablets per day. Growing dogs, puppies & cats: ½ – 1 tablet per day.