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PoliPaw Anti-Scratch Film – Couch and Glass Door Protector


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Product Info:

Simply stick the film to areas you want to discourage your kitten or cat from scratching

Can be used on fabric or leather lounge sets

Can also be used to stick to furniture that is regularly marked by dogs – it will ensure that urine does not reach or penetrate the material

If your dog jumps up and scratches your glass doors when you get home, stick it on the door so that their nails rather damage the film and not your door

Once the the products loosens, simply remove it and apply a new piece

It comes standard in 300 mm wide and 20 meters long so you can be assured there will be more than enough to cover all your furniture

What’s in the box
1 x 300mm by 20 Meter Transparent Film in a Green Tube Container


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