Pop-up flying saucer ball


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Product Info:

Introducing an exhilarating way to elevate playtime with your furry companion – our Interactive Dog Ball Toy! This innovative toy brings a new level of excitement and engagement to your dog’s play sessions, ensuring endless fun and stimulation.

It starts flat (looking like a flying saucer), but after a few seconds, it pops open into a ball!

Perfect for enthusiastic play. Its vibrant colors and sturdy build make it perfect for interactive games like fetch, encouraging your dog’s natural instincts while fostering exercise and bonding. This is NOT A CHEW toy and it NOT indestructible. Please use only under supervision.

Not only does this toy entertain, but it also promotes physical activity and mental stimulation. Watch your furry friend joyfully chase, fetch, and engage with the Interactive Dog Ball Toy, keeping them active, entertained, and happy.

Make every moment with your pet a delightfully engaging experience. Bring home the excitement of our Interactive Dog Ball Toy and witness the sheer joy and boundless energy your dog experiences during playtime!

We don’t always get the same colour from suppliers. Please leave us a note during checkout to say if you’re shopping for a boy or girl doggy, and we’ll try our best to send a colour that they will like.