Trixie dog activity ball and treat toy


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Product Info:

Introducing the Trixie Ball Treat Toy—a canine favorite that’s not your average ball! Picture this: a durable, vibrant ball designed to captivate your furry friend’s attention. But here’s the twist—it’s also a tantalizing treat dispenser! Crafted for mental engagement, this toy is a puzzle and a reward all at once.

Simply load it up with your dog’s favorite treats, and let the fun begin! Every time your furkid drop the ball in the whole, the treats tantalizingly dispense, keeping your dog entertained, active, and mentally stimulated for hours on end.

Built with sturdy materials and a clever design, this toy is more than just a plaything; it’s a tool for fostering your dog’s cognitive skills and physical activity. Watch as your dog revels in the joy of play while keeping their mind sharp.

Say goodbye to boredom and hello to a delightful playtime experience! Treat your pup to the Trixie Ball Treat Toy—an entertaining, engaging, and rewarding addition to their play arsenal.

Important – this is not a ball launcher! (it does not throw the ball meters into the air. It rolls the ball out)


  • mechanical treat dispenser by dropping in a ball
  • two treats output
  • suitable for round treats
  • for snacks with max. – 15 mm
  • incl. ball – 6 cm
  • plastic/foam rubber
  • incl. training instructions
  • measurements: 17 × 18 cm