Trixie chess strategy game


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Engage your dog’s mind and strengthen your bond with the Trixie Chess Strategy Game! Designed to be more than just a game, this board game-style toy challenges your pet’s dexterity while enhancing the special connection between you and your furry companion.

With its four cones, various recesses, and drawers, this chess-inspired game is an interactive delight for your dog. Fill it up with treats and watch as the training fun unfolds! Your pup’s mission? Maneuver the cones and sliders to unlock the hidden snacks, an engaging task that encourages mental agility and problem-solving.

Want to up the challenge? Use the cones strategically as stoppers to increase the difficulty level. Plus, the included instructions offer a treasure trove of tips and tricks to maximize training sessions with your dog.

Worried about cleanliness? Fret not! This strategy game is dishwasher-safe, ensuring easy maintenance for regular use. Elevate playtime, boost cognitive skills, and foster a deeper connection with your furry friend through the interactive and rewarding Trixie Chess Strategy Game!