Trixie sport balls


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Product Info:

Engage your furry pals in an energetic play session with our Trixie Sport Balls! These vibrant foam rubber balls, each boasting a 6cm diameter, are paired with a sturdy 30cm black rope for interactive fun with your beloved dogs.

Designed for active play and endless amusement, these sport balls come in four lively colors, adding a burst of vibrancy to playtime: Blue, lime, orange and yellow.

Their durable construction ensures long-lasting entertainment while promoting healthy exercise and bonding moments with your pets.

Whether it’s a game of fetch, tug-of-war, or simply letting your dogs indulge in some joyous play, these Trixie Sport Balls are perfect companions. Encourage activity, stimulate their playful instincts, and strengthen your bond with these engaging, colorful toys.

Add a dash of excitement to your doggies’ playtime routine. Choose the Trixie Sport Balls and watch tails wag with delight!