Vondi’s Buchu Anti-Inflamatory Moisturising Oil ? 150ml


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Vondi’s Buchu Oil is an effective anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory product that cools the skin. The Buchu oil alleviates skin irritation, dryness and itchiness.

Our dogs are a great source of love, companionship, and joy. They are our family and our very dearest friends for many of us. So it stands to reason that we would want to offer them the very best in life.

One of the most common problems that dogs face is skin irritation. And in most cases, that irritation is brought on by inflammation.

The threat posed by chronic inflammation

Inflammation is one of the greatest contributors to poor health. But unfortunately, many are not aware of how dangerous it is. Aside from itching sore skin, inflammation can cause several serious health problems.

While inflammation is an important part of the body’s natural immune system, unhealthy modern living has thrown it out of balance. For humans, as well as for the pets for which we care.

Chronic inflammation contributes to the majority of canine cancer cases. In addition, studies show that inflammation may be the most significant factor in the development and severity of those same cancers.

That risk extends to various types of skin cancers.

If that were not enough cause for concern, untreated inflammation also contributes to diabetes mellitus. Surprisingly, that is true even when the inflammation is in the skin and the tissue under it.


Buchu is a plant native to South Africa. It boasts strong anti-inflammatory properties.

The versatile plant also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Common medicinal uses for Buchu include treatment of prostatitis, BPH, High blood pressure, and fever.

In addition to several other health benefits, Buchu also makes a great natural anti deodorant. It effectively combats many of the less pleasant doggy-odours.

And these benefits are only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Buchu’s extended medical benefits extend to bacterial rashes and keeping cuts and scrapes free from bacterial infections.

If that were not enough reason to buy our famed Vondis Buchu scrub, it also repels insects and other parasites. Furthermore, Buchu helps alleviate skin irritation and itchiness.

Buchu Anti-Inflammatory Moisturising Oil – 150ml

Our Buchu oil gets packaged with care and thoughtfulness. Our Vondis Buchu oil is perfect for dry and irritated skin and effectively combats inflammation. In addition, our Vondis Buchu Oil is a great cooling, moisturising massage oil and its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties are perfect for treating small cuts and scrapes.