Vondi’s Puppy/Kitty and Senior Supplement ? 250g


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Product Info:

Vondi’s Food Supplement offers REAL and wholesome nutritional supplements that specifically target the vitamin and mineral requirements of puppies, kittens and older pets.

Our four-legged companions deserve nothing but the best, and what is best changes as they grow and age. There are two life stages at which pups and kitties need an extra boost of nutrients to help them stay happy and healthy.

Real, holistic nutrition for pups and kittens

When our puppies and kittens are growing, they need a lot of extra vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to fuel their rapid growth. The right puppy food is a great start.

However, our nutritional supplement goes a long way towards ensuring that your baby gets all the healthy goodness they need. A long, happy, and also healthy life starts with the right nutrition.

Keeping senior dogs in tip-top shape

We all want our companion animals to live as long as possible. However, more than that, we want them to live healthy and also happy lives. To ensure that your maturing dog or cat has everything they need to stay strong and healthy, we recommend our Puppy/Kitty and Senior Supplement.

Senior dogs need more nutrition than dogs in their prime. The same goes for senior cats. That nutritional profile matches their needs as they were still growing puppies and kittens.

Many ailments and also diseases that impact maturing pets relate to nutritional deficiencies. The most concerning perhaps is an increased inflammation response which can contribute to diabetes and cancer.

Ingredients :

  • Yeast contains all B vitamins
  • Lecithin helps the body absorb fats
  • Garlic is a natural anti-biotic and also flea deterrent
  • Kelp: Sea minerals
  • Calcium is a bone builder. The calcium we use is ascorbate, which won’t irritate the stomach lining.
  • Dandelion cleans liver and kidneys,
  • Vitamin C gets added in tiny amounts. Cats and dogs can produce a lot on their own.